"The Wind of Spring" Festival

"Babel windtheque"

A. Bludov, A. Malykh, V. Serdiukov

According to definition, windtheque – is a collection of giddy-brained works. And for five years they are quite numerous. As this action may be thought as a commemorative one (well, it is five years), some results may be spoken of. Though, what results may be in this case? Absence of result is the best result. There are the authors, each with one's own artistic style (hence Babel), there is a collective creation, and there is a holiday. Nothing else is necessary, isn't it?

Wind Emanation
Yu - u - u - u 07
Babel windtheque
Giddy-Brained Entertainment
The Wind of Ma-goddess
The 0,7- th jubilee of "Dzen"
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