Museums and Collections 

National Art Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Ukrainian Culture Fund (Kyiv, Ukraine)
State Museum of T.G.Shevtchenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Khmelnitsky Art Museum (Khmelnitsky, Ukraine)
Sumy Art Museum (Sumy, Ukraine)
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Artist Union of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture
Aval Bank (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Ukrsotsbank (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Credit Lyonnais Ukraine Bank (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Cheton Ltd. (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Communico (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Atelier Karas Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Art Felchlin Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland)
Collection of K.Bauers (Washington, USA)
Collection of A.Colijn (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Collection of C.C.Lorentzos (Athens, Greece)
Collection of R.C.Endres (Vienna, Austria)
Collection of G.Malkotsis (Endingen, Switzerland)
Collection of R.O.Herter(Esslingen, Germany)
Collection of P.Howden (Dublin, Ireland)
Collection of H.Kutniak (Les Essarts-le-Roi, France)
Collection of L.Moreno (Madrid, Spain)

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